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Eric "White Eagle" Hostetler
Owner and Chief Graphic Artist

Tony "T-Man" Gentile
Web Master and Administrator

Established 2007


White Eagle
Scott Huhn

Car Studio
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White Eagles Design Studio Is Looking for Talented Painters

WEDS is looking for established painters who are a cut above in their painting skills and we are also interested in newbies, see our tutorial links, who can mature and grow in their skill level. Well, we are glad to have you and would welcome you provided you follow the procedure listed below. If you agree to follow the procedure and adhere to the rules of the site, we will be happy to have you contribute your work to share with others. OK, nuff stalling, here's the procedure for you to follow.
  1. Send White Eagle an email indicating your interest in being a painter at WEDS. In your email I would like to have your personal email address, where you live and anything else you want to share about you. I would also like to have some sample shots of your work and a statement of where you get your resource materials which will be put for download so people can see where you get things and who you give credit to if you use their templates or other things. Plus an idea of your painting and pc skills would be nice.

  2. Upon approval for candidate status, you will be given a particular car to paint and submit as your test car which will become the property of WEDS. Like, for example, you may be given Richard Petty's last 1992 ride to do and would be required to submit shots of the original car to see how close you came.

  3. After evaluation of the test car, if approved, you will be given full status with WEDS, and a member number which you will use in contact with the Admin, and your nickname will be listed on the main page after you supply the Admin staff with it.

  4. As a member you will be required to submit some sort of new work at least every six months, or at least 2 times a year. This will constitute the only pressure put on you for performance. However, due to special circumstances, such as sickness, that may be waived.
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