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Eric "White Eagle" Hostetler
Owner and Chief Graphic Artist

Tony "T-Man" Gentile
Web Master and Administrator

Established 2007


White Eagle
Scott Huhn

Car Studio
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White Eagles Design Studio FAQ's

Q1. Naming Convention For Files: I want to send you some of my work. What kind of naming convention do you want me to use?

A: First of all we want to identify the site your cars are hosted at in lowercase, in this case WEDS (White Eagle Design Studio) then comes an underscore followed by the car number itself. Then we have another underscore followed by the last two digits of the year the car was run. Next you put a lowercase r or s for regular or special scheme. Finally we finish up with 2 letters where you can do sponsor initials in all caps with an underscore and the car make initial. Here is JJ Yeley's 2006 regular Interstate Batteries Chevy using this formula.


Where WEDS is our site
18 is the car number
06 is the year 2006
r is for regular
IB is for Interstate Batteries
and c is for Chevrolet.

Car Make Legend

c = Chevrolet
p = Pontiac
d = Dodge
f = Ford
t = Toyota

Q2. I don't see an upload link. Do I have to email you my files?

A: For now, yes. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to offer that kind of service to you. Bear with us. We are just starting out.

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